11 corporators of Congress ‘surrender’ from Ahmedabad public body because of distinctions over consultation of opposition leader



AHMEDABAD: An overall of 11 corporators of Congress surrendered from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in Gujarat because of the argument over the consultation of the opposition leader, a corporator, that had actually laid case to the article, claimed on Sunday.

However, a Gujarat Congress representative claimed that these corporators have actually not surrendered yet just provided their sights on the problem.

The Congress had 24 corporators in the 192-participant AMC, which is ruled by the BJP.

Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM had actually won 7 seats of corporators in February in 2014.

“Eleven corporators, including myself, have resigned from the party and have given our letters to the state president expressing our disagreement over the name of the leader of the opposition. We are not happy with the decision to appoint Shehzad Pathan as the leader of the opposition in the AMC,” claimed Kamla Chavda.

She asserted to take pleasure in the assistance of several corporators for the post of LoP.

The 11 corporators, that sent their resignations to state Congress head of state Jagdish Thakor, are not pleased with the proposition to assign Shehzad Pathan as the leader of the opposition, Chavda claimed.

Pathan is the nationwide assistant of the Youth Congress.

He had actually been jailed about CAA/NCR demonstrations in the Muslim-controlled Shah-e-Alam region of Ahmedabad in 2020.

However, Gujarat Congress representative Manish Doshi claimed that these corporators have actually not surrendered yet provided their sights over the names of the leader of the opposition prior to the state head of state.

He claimed the name of the LoP is not settled yet.

Doshi claimed that Congress had actually carried out a “consultation exercise” for the consultation of Leader of Opposition in the AMC.

He claimed Congress leader Naresh Rawal as well as MLA CJ Chavda, selected as viewers for the function, have actually talked about the issue with all the corporators, Ahmedabad MLAs, as well as the state head of state.

“The consultation process is over but the name of the LoP is not yet finalised. It can be decided at any time. Congress corporators are united against the government’s failure to provide basic amenities like drinking water and roads in many areas of Ahmedabad,” he claimed.