Bajrang Dal leader shot dead in MP, added law enforcement agency released to avoid order troubles



BHOPAL: A district-level Bajrang Dal leader was purportedly fired dead by his neighbor from point-blank variety in Nagda community of Ujjain area of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.

The event taken place near the Geeta Garden in the Nagda commercial community of Ujjain area at around 1.30 pm, when the area degree Bajrang Dal leader Raku Chaudhary, aged around 40, was fired dead from point-blank variety by neighbor Tarun Jha.

The cops turned right into activity as well as jailed the implicated with the country-made handgun prior to he might leave from the area.

According to Ujjain area cops superintendent Satyendra Shukla, hefty cops implementation has actually been made certain in Nagda community to avoid order troubles following the wide daytime murder of the saffron clothing leader.

As per Ujjain cops resources, the dead as well as the assassin were both neighbors, that had actually been long involved in some conflict, which potentially triggered the murder on Wednesday.