Goa govt moved 114 polices regardless of survey code active: TMC to political election panel



BRAND-NEW DELHI: The TMC has actually lodged a grievance with the Election Commission of India (ECI) on Wednesday versus the transfer of law enforcement officer by the Goa government after the design standard procedure entered into pressure.

Saket Gokhale, the nationwide agent of TMC, implicated the Goa government of making transfer o 114 law enforcement officer on January 8 without acquiring the permission of the ECI.

TMC leader in his issue to the ECI has actually declared: “Once elections are notified and the MCC comes into force, the power of the state government to transfer or promote civil servants and police officers come under the purview of the Election Commission of India”.

But the Goa government, in clear offense of this, informed the transfer of the law enforcement officer consisting of 57 PSIs, 39 Police Inspectors (PIs), and also 18 replacement SPs after the Model Code of Conduct entered into pressure.

The TMC has more whined that the transfers were authorized by the Police facility board and also informed by the Superintendent of Police in Panaji without the authorization of ECI.

“No copy of transfer was marked to ECI by the Goa government. This is a clear violation of poll rules”, declared Saket Gokhale, while describing the transfer as “blatant abuse of power” by the BJP.

The TMC has actually required prompt activity from the DCI versus the transfer within 48 hrs.