My mother had a huge crush on Rajesh Khanna, exposes Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali


Mumbai: Late Bollywood star Rajesh Khanna’s birthday celebration gets on December 29. He was called the initial ‘super star’ of Bollywood as well as there was a crazy trend for him throughout the 1970s.

On this big day, previous Bollywood actress as well as social protestor Somy Ali remembered exactly how her mother had the largest crush on the late star.

“My mom had the biggest crush on him and all she would listen to was his songs, the majority of them sung by Kishore da, which would blast over the tape recorder in our house when I was a kid in Pakistan,” she thought back.

Her initial memory of viewing his movie was ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’. “I enjoyed it because of the love he had for animals and was furious at how cruel the leading lady was to him and jealous of his compassion and love for his elephant. Given I was five years old at the time and could not make the distinction between real life and a movie,” claimed the actress that operated in motion pictures such as ‘Aao Pyaar Karen’, ‘Anth’, ‘Chupp’ as well as others.

She additionally remembered viewing ‘Anand’. “I remember my mommy sobbing a lot when Kaka ji passed away in the long run. When I was 7 years of ages, my papa arranged a journey for my mother as well as me to check out Mumbai,” claimed the previous Bollywood actress.

“My dad was close friends with Dutt Saab’s manager, and he facilitated our visiting sets with Amit ji, Dharam ji, Rekha ji, and Kaka ji. So, I was lucky enough to meet him when I was seven and he invited mom and me to his house ‘Ashirwaad’ for lunch,” she shared. For her, the memory of that experience is as dazzling as if it occurred the other day.

She remembered informing ‘Kaka ji’ at 7 years old that when she matures, she intends to wed him. “He laughed out loud of course, and my mom was shocked and somewhat embarrassed. He was a thorough gentleman and I believe there will never be a superstar like him in the history of Bollywood. That smile, the emotions, the romance and the music, no one can beat that,” claimed Somy.

According to her, ‘Souten’, ‘Roti’, ‘Red Rose’, ‘Anand’, ‘Bawarchi’ as well as ‘Amrit’ were his incredible movies.

She delighted in viewing virtually anything with him as well as Mumtaz. “Their chemistry was phenomenal. Quite similar to that of Amit ji and Rekha ji or Kajol and Shah Rukh,” claimed the actress.

Before resting, she views Rajesh Khanna tunes. “It’s a nightly ritual. The strangest thing is that the day before he died, I was watching ‘Kati Patang’ at night and I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to him while I did not know that he was severely unwell. The next morning, I read of his passing in the newspaper and I was bawling like a little kid,” she claimed.