Remember scary movie Veerana actress Jasmine Dhunna? Her vibrant undetected pictures go viral


New Delhi: If you are a 90s youngster, you possibly have actually seen Ramsay siblings’s scary flick Veerana. Helmed by Shyam Ramsay as well as Tulsi Ramsay, Veerana starred Jasmine Dhunna, Hemant Birje as well as Sumit Aggarwall in the lead duties. 

In Veerana, what grabbed all of focus was its leading woman Jasmine Dhunna. Her charm left all surprised. Well, ever before questioned exactly how she looks currently? Not much is understood about the spectacular actress as she went away from the flick globe after coming to be an over night celebrity after Veerana. 

Some reports case she relocated to the United States as well as is worked out there with no relate to the showbiz market, nonetheless, various other unproven records do discuss a particular abyss wear being smitten by her charm as soon as. This largely is being mentioned as one of the factors she chose to leave from the flick market. 

However, absolutely nothing is validated by the actress or otherwise much is understood about her existing location. 

Jasmine Dhunna made her launching in Bollywood in ND Kothari’s directorial endeavor Sarkari Mehmaan co-starring late famous Vinod Khanna in 1979. She was after that seen in the 1985 launch Divorce. 

But it was with the 1988 launch Veerana, that Jasmine came to be an over night celebrity.