Trending: Jackie Shroff’s viral video clip claiming ‘achhe achhe nikal gaye, kaun yaad rakhta hai bhidu?’ victories him ‘elegant’ tag by followers – Watch


New Delhi: Veteran star Jackie Shroff has actually constantly been a superstar when it involves talking from his heart. One of his old meetings is currently going viral online where he is seen speaking about the cycle of life and also fatality. 

Netizens transformed psychological paying attention to the sensible words by Jackie Shroff in his very own design. Fans shared it online and also labelled him as ‘elegant’. 

“Ma mari, baba marr gaye, bhai chale gaye, yeh sab chale gaye na ek ek. Hum log bhi chale jayenge ek din. Ab woh le ke ghoomna nahi”, he claims in the video clip.

Adding a lot more, Jackie proceeds, “Teen chale gaye, teen aaye. Krishna aayi, Tiger aaya, meri aurat aayi, par meri ma chali gayi, mera bhai chala gaya mere papa chale gaye, toh balance hota hai na life mein. Ab mein chala jaunga kuch din mein or phir koi aayega, toh yeh chalta rahega bhidu, yeh chaal toh hai he.”

Lastly in the video clip, Jackie claims, “If you look at the sadness of people around you, you will realise you are going through nothing compared to them. You should not keep crying over things that you didn’t get. You are a healthy person and that is enough. People should learn to be happy, whoever they are and whatever they have got. You are human so it is evident that you will have sadness in your life. Everyone has to die someday or the other. Your mom, dad, family, everyone will have to leave you someday. We all know that.”